Each time they jeet, your bag grows.

“Well, well, well... look who decided to show up. Take a seat, make yourself comfortable.” It's time we had a little chat about $CATCH.

CA: 0x179d1ebf5847a83c8754836f7782b901d37e5b04

The meme coin market is as noisy as those Dateline episodes blasting on your parents’ TV . . . but $CATCH isn't just another suspect in the lineup. Our unique game-like approach and innovative tokenomics are ready to turn the tables on all those scalping, full-stack jeets and make buyers feel like they’ve – caught a predator.

we want u close to us :)


In $CATCH, the taxes are 0% Buy / 5% Sell. Our buyers get rewarded with bounties of 3% of the sales tax (Bounty) if they are last buyer (Last Buyer) before a sale. The Bounty is airdropped in the form of $CATCH to the buyer’s wallet. Of the remaining 2% from the sales tax: 1% flows to LP and 1% to $CATCH team’s marketing wallet (multisig for your protection).

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! The Last Buyer gets a Bounty on ALL consecutive sales thereafter until the next buy.

Just remember . . . if you're thinking about selling your $CATCH, don’t be surprised if someone shows up asking: “what was your plan here today?"

Game Rules

Game Start:


Taxes will be in Bot-Farm mode and set at 15/28 for 20 minutes post launch. After bruising any bots, the REAL games begin.

Last buyer


Any qualified buy immediately preceding a sale (Last Buyer) receives 3% of the 5% sell tax (airdropped to Last Buyer’s wallet in $CATCH)

Consecutive sells


Last Buyer also receives 3% of 5% sales tax (airdropped) on each consecutive sale thereafter (until the next buy)

Reward Eligibility (Minimum Buy):


Last Buyer qualification requires a buy of at least 0.01% of $CATCH supply per txn

Minimum Buy Adjustment / Contract Renounce:


To keep the minimum buy affordable, CatchAJeet will decrease the supply requirement with every $500K increase in MC, and will increase the supply requirement on every $500K decrease in MC.

Once a stable floor is set, CatchAJeet will issue a community vote on the final minimum buy requirement.



Last Buyer gets rewarded with a Bounty (or multiple Bounties if consecutive jeets). Bounties airdropped as $CATCH upon confirmation of each sell txn. $CATCH freely tradeable by Last Buyer upon receipt.

Liquidity Pool
Total supply
Influencers, callers and early adopters
No buy tax for degens
LP providers and team allocation
3% last buyer reward, 1% lp and 1% marketing